Snow Doh!

I’m outside shovelling snow. My neighbour comes out to help me do my driveway. I’m shovelling away when all of a sudden I hit an ice patch under the fluffy tundra and fall like an epileptic giraffe on baby skates. My neighbour runs over to me. “Are you okay? Let me help you up!” I felt like a million hammers smashed into my spine at once. “Ouch!” I moaned. I laid flat out on the ice. “Just let me lie here for a second. I got the wind knocked out of me,” I groaned. I stayed there looking up at the sky for about thirty seconds, gasping for breath like some wanker just pushed me under water. “Actually, it’s kind of comfortable down here,” I continued. I frantically crawled across the snow like a baby seal being hunted by a polar bear, escaping that body shattering ice. I stood up, looked at my neighbour and giggled. “Dammit, why didn’t we get that on video? I would have laughed and laughed.”

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