It’s Hip To Be Square

A very large super moon illuminated the night. I felt as tired as a sloth with a bottle of tequila on vacation, but I really needed to get out of the house and go to my angel meditation class. I arrived at my destination and walked around the crystal shop looking at all the magical and fabulous wares. All kinds of rocks, crystals and stones sparkled in their respective holders. I strolled over to the counter and asked the sales associate if he had any large obsidian crystals. He brought over a bowl full of crystals and I picked out a beautiful, square obsidian to put on my end table. I paid for it and the owner looked at me with an inquisitive glare. “Obsidian makes you invisible,” he informed me. The sides of my mouth rolled slowly into a cheeky grin. “Excellent!”
The meditation class consisted of a small group of women. The information shared was extremely informative with many soul searching questions answered. I can’t discuss the particulars of what happened in our circle because it’s personal. Plus, I don’t want to seem as crazy as a rabid gerbil so I’m zipping my smacker. 😀

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