Work Smirk

Life is punny, especially when that pun is risqué. Folks at work are funnier than they realize.

There’s a lady I work with at the supermarket. She hates it when the younger co-workers talk about boys and sex. She’s a bit of a prude. One day she held up a gift card and kept mentioning out loud that she had 69 cents left on it. I raised my eyebrows. “Really, 69? Really?” I teased, and then cracked up laughing. She turned beet red. Folks get embarrassed so easily and I find that hilarious.
Today, one of my co-workers told me that she needed to get her eggs. She held her tummy because of an unrelated stomach issue, totally oblivious of how funny that looked. I snickered at that as well.

Well…later in the afternoon, I sold a customer a shit-load of scratch tickets. He spent over one hundred dollars! Some people seem to have money to burn, but hey, I don’t ask questions. I put the first card under the scanner, and it didn’t win anything. I turned to him, shook my head and said, “not a bloody sausage!” He smiled and asked me where I got that expression from. I told him that it’s a British expression which means he didn’t get anything. “I like that expression,” he said happily. “I’m going to start using it.” I began scanning his other scratch tickets looking for a win. He clenched his fist, raised his arm above his head and thunderously yelled, “Come on, give me a big sausage! I want a big sausage!” I stopped what I was doing. I could not contain myself and roared with laughter. When he realized what he innocently said so loudly, he busted up laughing too.

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