A Snit And A Fit From An Unpleasant Git.

HEY….It’s been almost two months since you’ve heard from me. Did you miss me? Ha!

I’m telling this story so that you can see what kind of horrible people we have to deal with every day in the grocery business. Some customers are so nasty and rude.

I stood at customer service ringing in a customer’s groceries, when this balding dick-head butts in line waving corn at me, demanding that I serve him. I told him that I hadn’t finished serving the customer in front of him and that he needs to wait his turn.

He barked, “well how many minutes are you going to take?”

I replied, “as long as it takes this customer to enter his information into the machine and pay.”

“Well, how long is that going to take?” he snapped.

I glared at him. “Sir, ask the customer yourself, he’s standing right beside you.”

The customer I was serving looked angry and said to me, “he won’t want to hear my reply.”

Baldy got aggressive. He turned toward me and continued to hiss, “I’m asking you. How many minutes is it going to take?”

“I don’t know. As long as it takes, Sir!”

Jesus, I felt annoyed. I wanted to smash him on the floor like a Greek plate. It’s too bad I can’t tell customers when they are being a fucking dickwad. I have to be nice and it took everything I had within me to contain myself. His whole demeanor felt like an annoying, circling horsefly and I wanted to slap him unconscious. What a piece of work.

We are quick at work, but we can only go so fast We aren’t aliens in disguise, although many treat us like we are.

Also this week, another piece of entitled shit griped that I took too long helping a crippled man in a wheelchair with his groceries. He complained that he waited in the lineup for forty-five minutes. This is utter bullshit. It’s like somebody describing the fish they caught, the exaggeration gets bigger and bigger.

Then to add insult to injury, he moaned to head office about it as well. Seriously, has he no heart? I helped a Vietnam vet. How impatient and low can people get? Ram a stick up his ass and call him a popsicle, cause that’s pretty damn cold.

He also called our phone at customer service as he stood in line and asked if we have an extra cashier. My co-worker answered the phone and told him, “NO, we don’t.” Do folks not realize this is rude and it delays us further? I thought, yeah buddy, we hide extra cashiers in the back and bring them out on special occasions when fucktards want their organics.


Somebody left their hat in the bathroom today.

Jesus saved them, but he didn’t save their hat.


12 thoughts on “A Snit And A Fit From An Unpleasant Git.

  1. When I worked in retail I encountered these types as well. One woman almost broke me down by berating me in front of several other customers waiting patiently to be served at the deli counter I was working at. She got so mad she asked to see the store owner. I said “OK, I’ll go get my dad”. You should have seen the look on her face as she fled in a huff. And afterwards all the other customers said encouraging words to me but I still went into the washroom at my first opportunity and actually did cry for a bit.
    I was too young to understand then, but now I understand that these people are completely miserable for whatever reason, and making others miserable is what makes their day. So I try very hard not to give them that “joy”.

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    1. Hi, Deb. Unfortunately that sort of thing happens to us on a daily basis. I guess folks think we are their personal punching bag. Yesterday customers were in a really pissy mood. You’d think Father’s Day would be a happy day. When I closed the store to go home we saw a HUGE full moon. My co-worker said, “Ah, no wonder.” LOL

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  2. Hey, Glad you’re back. Maybe you were meant to find the hat. If he doesn’t claim it, can you keep it? On the flip side of your post, the girl at the store I went to was so nice! She taught me how to self check out with two cards. My EBT and debit. I am still a bit embarrassed about using my EBT, but I am getting there.

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  3. Hi there. πŸ˜€ You’d be surprised how much stuff gets left in our store. We don’t keep any of it, we bag it all up after awhile and donate it to the food bank. Our store is old school, we don’t have self checkout. I hope we never get it either, it takes people’s jobs. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. πŸ˜€ More to come….. lol.


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