Shrimp, Shit, And An Angry Fit.

A burley man walked over to me at customer service with three different bags of shrimp in his hands. His eyes opened as wide as saucers and he aggressively demanded that I give him ninety dollars worth of shrimp for free. He based this misguided belief on the fact that no price was listed beside the products in the seafood department. He got angry and started yelling at me because the shrimp wasn’t up for unfettered grabs.

An air hose attached to an oxygen tank protruded up his largely pored, fat snout which helped him to breathe. I didn’t think that eating cholesterol laden bottom dwelling crustations would improve his health, but hey, that doesn’t matter anyway if you’re an entitled piece of shit.

I tried to explain to him that the scanning policy is only in affect if the products are priced incorrectly, but they scanned fine and at the right price. Alas, any explanation on the subject fell on deaf ears like an attempted conversation with ding-a-ling Patrick Star. When he realized I wouldn’t cave in to his demands he stomped off.

Shortly after, a guy and a girl walk up to my cash to pay. He grabbed a Kit Kat and the girl says, “I’d like one too.”
“You can eat half of this one!” he snapped.
“I’d like a whole one,” she continued.
“You don’t need it!” he barked.
I’m glaring at the girl, looking to see the expression on her face. It’s blank. She didn’t say anything. I secretly hoped she’d say, “screw you, asshole!” But nope, nothin’. Not even a twitch. I glance over at him and he has a smug look on his face. I’m thinking, great…another narcissistic control freak. If she reacted he’d probably retaliate by leaving a bruise in a place nobody can see. What would Jesus say?

Speaking of nasty people…

A few days ago a lady walked into the store and berated one of the young cashiers. This mean-spirited cow went up one side of her and down the other like a fire ant on a mound. The cashier handled herself very well under the circumstances. She apologized even though she did nothing wrong, but eventually became so hurt it reduced her to tears. Why would anyone do that to another person, seriously? Later in the evening the same lady called the store and roasted her again on the telephone.


Cashiers are not the punching bags of society. We are just there to make a living. Minimum wage does not entitle you to verbally pummel a young girl. For folks who cannot control their narcissistic anger, stay at home. Better yet, get psychiatric help because we do not want to be the brunt of your bitchy, spewing, cruel idiocies.


I’m on holiday for nine days. Oh yeah, no more people’ing or stress caused by over-eating big-mouthed dimwits. Solitude is bliss. HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Yours truly,

~Strong Loonie.

20 thoughts on “Shrimp, Shit, And An Angry Fit.

  1. Some people have no home raising, it’s like they were born in the woods. The kit kat Girl needs to realize that her guy needed her as much as she needed him. And the lady yelling at the cashier was just unhappy with her own life. They say you can’t fix dumb though😉. Love the title and the wrath of the cashier is great! People need to be put in their place, no one is better than anyone else.
    Furry Moose Sausage…. that really stands out.

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  2. Good rant! Hope it made you feel better.

    I don’t like my Canadian name, but the sad truth is…it fits! Gloved Bud. I wear gloves all the time because my fingers and hands get cold so easily, and right now in summer I’m wearing sunblock gloves all.the.time. when outside! It’s so sad it’s funny! 😂

    Oh, have to tell you. My Baby Girl worked in retail for a number of years and not too long before she’s been at it a year started saying, ” I hate people!”. Peopling is hard work! I couldn’t do retail.

    Enjoy your 9 days off!! I hope you meet nice people during them and thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it. It led me here.

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  3. Damn, really? People like that always seem to take it out on others who they deem are beneath them. I’d bet money they’d never speak to a cop or judge like that. I worked as a waitress for many years and on the odd time someone would try to mouth off, but I gave it right back. Only because I didn’t care if I got fired. Nowadays, it’s a bit different, isn’t it? People need their jobs.

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