The Inconsequential Employee

This has been really bothering me lately…

The worst feeling in the world is being ignored. Now mind you, I know that being a cashier may not be the most glamerous occupation in the world, but it doesn’t mean I’m not educated. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid, either.

I’m sorry that my career choice is beneath some people who can’t even find it within themselves to treat me like a human being.

I mean seriously, when I ask a question why do some customers just stand there and act like I don’t exist? Like I’m invisible? Like they can’t hear me?


I must be such a hinderance to them. How dare I ask them a question about how they are going to pay for their processed crap.

Either I just get completely ignored by these folks, or they’re on their damn phone yapping with somebody about rubbish I don’t want to hear, completely unaware of anything else around them. I ask if they have Airmiles, then they look at me with an irritated glare as if I’m interupting their phone call. They attempt to dehumanize me and that is wrong and ignorant.


It makes the world an ugly place. It’s extemely rude. I’m standing on my feet serving people for eight hours a day. What happened to manners? I’m dedicating my time to people who treat me like absolute shit.

Sometimes I dream about snatching the telephone off their neck and smashing it to the floor like Hulk Hogan, but alas, that is just a fantasy.

It’s often times like this I wish we had self-checkout at our store, so they could take their bad attitude and crappy personality with them.

Life is difficult enough. I am a pleasant person. I work extremely hard and don’t want to have to deal with jackasses every day. Unfortunately, they seem to congregate in herds.

It makes me want to squish their bread.

Don’t make me ram my thumb into your Dempsters.


29 thoughts on “The Inconsequential Employee

  1. Back in 08 my wife returned to work as a cashier after several months of chemotherapy. Her hair was just beginning to grow back, and she looked like a kick-ass lesbian. Strangely no one ‘dissed’ or ignored her then. But when her femininity returned, so did her invisibility.

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  2. It’s not easy, but I think it’s great that you’re trying your best at your job. 🙂 Some guys at the supermarket’s cashier counter look so tired of asking everyone how’s their day, it can be hard when nobody replies.

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  3. I don’t know who you are,
    but I like you,
    You tell the truth.
    You might be my checker friend,
    at Alberstons.
    Just remember.
    People who “look down” on other people,
    feel even worse,
    deep down about themselves.
    People can be so consistently cruel,
    in so many big and little ways.
    It is a shining example for me,
    to meet someone like you,
    who tells the truth to arrogance.

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