My Weight Loss Story

I changed my diet on April 28th, 2019. I’m loosely following a Paleo diet and so far I’ve lost forty-two pounds. As you start to get older, it’s not even about being skinny anymore, it’s all about trying to avoid disaster. My friends sometimes wonder why I’m so persistant with my diet and weight loss.

Well, let me explain my story…

My parents had a horrible diet. I say had, because they are no longer with us.

I remember visiting them, opening their deep freezer and peering down into its depths in shock. Piles and piles of Eggo waffles were crammed into it. I’d never seen so many fucking Eggos in one place.

I turned toward my mother and said, “holy shit, whose Eggo waffles are these?”

She raised her eyebrows. “Oh, those are your Dad’s.”

Between them they both consumed a cocktail of about twenty different medications for a multitude of different conditions. Diabetes, osteoarthritis, arthritis, thyroid, cholesterol, high blood pressure, Parkensons, dementia, depression, stroke and seizures. I mean, both of them were the poster children for disease.

My Mom and Dad kept saying, “I wish I didn’t have to take so many pills.”

Yeah, no shit…

It kind of pisses me off, because many of these diseases are diet related. The Doctor who prescribed all their medications, why couldn’t he tell them to stop eating crap? I lost both of my parents far too early.

Their health scared me really badly. I did not want to go down that same road.

My blood pressure started to get a little concerning so I changed my diet and now it has returned to normal. I’m feeling a lot better and I’m not on any pills. I don’t want to be sick and I’m willing to do anything to avoid that same fate.

Pharma pills and processed foods are deadly. DEADLY! It freakin’ bothers me every single day.

It’s sad. Life did not end well for either one of my parents and it was really painful to watch. I can’t forget what happened to them.

When my mother died in agony right in front of me and I had to watch her being taken away in a body bag, a piece of me died that day too.

Yes, I know there are no guarantees in life, but there’s no doubt about it. Food is medicine or poison. It can heal you, or it can destroy you.

It’s definitely something to think about.


35 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Story

  1. Congratulations on taking charge of your health, GW! I had great success on the paleo diet years ago (even though I was an over-scheduled, sedentary MBA student as well as working full-time) but then a lot more shit happened to me and well here I am 20 pounds heavier. I’ve been successful at removing some of it, but gained 4 pounds back when I decided to pause things over my busy, social summer. This morning I decided my summer of fun was officially over, and to get back to healthier eating so your post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Thanks!


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  2. Yes, US Pharma Industry is the biggest mafia in the world.
    My experience is that no diets plans work in the long run. Life style change does.
    You may like to read my post : I am a Happy Fruitarian 😊

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  3. Thank you. I agree about the lifestyle change. I’ve read so many stories about how folks lose weight and then gain it all back again because they fall back into their old eating habits. I mentioned Paleo because it was closest to the way I eat. lol. Trust me, I am not starving myself. I’m just avoiding mostly grain carbs and dairy. Honestly, I don’t miss it. I’m not going back to eating that shit again because it makes me feel toxic.
    I do eat a lot of fruit. 😀

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  4. I am sorry for your loss, your mum’s passing sounds particularly harrowing. Luckily we as a people are becoming more and more informed and aware, and we’re able to start tuning our lives in to what sounds more healthy for ourselves. Well done for your weight loss, you’ve done immensely well 👍

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  5. You got that right! I went from Paleo to Keto, to now periods of carnivore plus intermittent fasting. All whole foods. no medications except thyroid. My parents sound just like yours. My mother died of a massive stroke at 64 and my father has Parkinson’s, heart disease and COPD. In a really bad way.

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  6. I don’t miss fruit all that much–probably because I don’t miss the stomach ache! But I think different diets work for different people. As long as they are whole foods and organic, it’s the most important. Along with a bit of fasting!

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    1. That’s true, one diet doesn’t fit all. I think you can lose weight on any diet. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is not gaining it back. You can’t go back to your old eating habits. That’s where folks go wrong, because it has to be a lifestyle change. If not, you are just wasting your time. You’ll pack the weight back on and perhaps gain even more. That scares me. lol

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      1. Yes, I think it really isn’t about losing weight–it’s about finding the right lifestyle for you. Takes some experimentation. It’s good people seem to understand so much more about nutrition than when I was young. They still need to learn a lot more, though. But once you find the diet/lifestyle that makes you feel so much better, it’s really not that tempting to go back. You might cheat once in a while but you go right back to that lifestyle. You’ll do great!

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  7. Cake still tortures me though…it calls to me in the bakery. I’m resisting but I have to admit, I miss it, dammit. I’m waiting until I reach my goal…then maybe I will reward myself with a piece. 😀


  8. Thank you for sharing! I’m trying to avoid the same fate as my parents as well. It’s awful to see your loved ones persistently make bad choices. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Good luck with your journey!

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