Rude Dude

Folks are still walking up to the cash and ignoring me as they sit on their phone yapping. It annoys the shit out of me. They are completely clueless to how incredibly obnoxious that is. It happens so much that I wonder if society even has manners anymore. I often think it would be great if I could have a loaf of french bread on standby and belt them upside the head with it like a whack-a-mole as I say, “get off your fucking phone, you wench.”

They are usually the ones who will leave their buggy at the front of the line too, blocking everyone else in the queue. They just grab their stuff and walk away like the world revolves around them. Lazy buggers, I want to shove the buggy up their ass.

Speaking of rudeness, a few days ago I stood over on the other side of the counter helping a gentleman with his lottery. Customers also lined up at the main cash to be served. I mean, I can’t split myself into two, folks just have to be patient.

Anyhoo, I’m at the lottery machine when this grey haired shit-head starts shouting at me to serve him at the other cash register. He made the customer I was serving feel really uncomfortable. I’m not going to drop helping a customer just because some jerk can’t wait his turn. I’m nobody’s personal punching bag or slave.

I really hate it when people yell at me

I instantaniously internally morphed into bitch mode and took my sweet time scanning the lottery. I went extra slow like a tired snail on oxycontin, and the guy eventually stomped off to another cash register. Boy, his face turned red like a ripe shepherd pepper. I laughed inside with sweet satisfaction. Take that, you piece of shit! My secret revenge.

Cashier: 1 Arsehole: 0

Yeah, I felt bitchy, I fixed his little red wagon. I wasn’t feeling particually well that day to begin with. A cold virus was kicking my ass and I already felt like axe murdering somebody. He’s lucky my co-workers hid the scissors.

The good news is, now I have two days off work. Hell yeah, that doesn’t happen very often.

Time to rest to prepare for the next round of degenerates, er…I mean loyal customers.

Yeah, I’m livin’ the dream…


22 thoughts on “Rude Dude

    1. LOL. Don’t worry, it’s in the air. He breathed in the toxins opening his big gob. Everyone is sick at work. EVERYONE! It’s going around like the bubonic plague. He probably will get it. 😀 Thanks for reading man, It’s nice seeing you. 😀


  1. I witnessed some extreme rudeness at the Dallas airport recently – around 11 am – not quite lunch but not quite breakfast either. Busy sub shop/breakfast bar. Served by the same group of employees. Huge lineup at sub shop side – no one at breakfast bar side. Woman walks up to breakfast bar side, can clearly see all hands on deck at sub shop side yet yells in disgusted tone: DOESN’T ANYBODY WORK HERE?!? I mean, I was hankering for one of their specialty oatmeals too, but prepared to wait my turn. I walked off before I said something I would regret, and came back later when the place was less busy. #canadianinmurica #mannerspeople

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    1. Hi, Deb,..Good lord. I don’t know what is wrong with people. Such douche-bags. That deluded privilege shit has got to go. Sometimes it’s better when another customer speaks up because the employees aren’t allowed to say anything.

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  2. ♡ Go One Day, just One Day, in The Abscence of Judgement and Complaints EveryOne; then watch Your 3DLife Transform in to SomeThing You Only Ever Experienced as a Child 🤗


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    1. Sure. Try working in retail. lol. I learned a long time ago not to let anyone treat me like an old shoe. If you allow people to be abusive toward you, they will continue to do it. I prefer to stick up for myself.


      1. ◇ Diamond Hard – Been there, done that “retail” gig; then remembered how to just Stare at the “Abuser” like a Child until they Dropped Their Proposed Purchases and Ran Away when They realised I AM NOT!!! Helpless AnyMore 🤗 – Diamond Hard


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  3. Oh man, it drives me NUTS when people talk on their phone instead of interacting with the person serving them. They do it everywhere. Didn’t we learn that when we were little kids? “Say hello to the nice lady…say good morning…answer when someone speaks to you.” Basic lessons of childhood – be polite! Sorry, must suck.

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  4. Sadly, it’s just the new Amerika…a country where a crude narcissistic criminal now soils the oval office thanks to enough dumb, and yes, rude, voters

    Thanks for the “follow.” Barking shall always endeavor to inform, anger – and amuse. continue…


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