Things That Irk Me

There are a lot of things that irritate me, but nothing boils my blood worse than somebody who is driving in the passing lane as slow as a drunken slug and won’t move over. Or even worse, they won’t let me in the right lane so I can make my turn. Yeah, I get road raged.

Don’t fucking do that…

People are STILL coming to my cash talking on their phone, and STILL completely ignoring my existence. It’s starting to happen so often that it’s making me passive aggressive. Now I purposely ask questions. “It’s nice out today isn’t it? Do you need a bag? How are you doing today? How would you like to pay for your purchase? Would you like me to put your vegetables in a produce bag? The weather is getting colder, I wonder if it’s going to rain today? Those cookies look really good.” I constantly interrupt their call. Hey, if you want to be a prick I can be a bigger one. The customers behind them always end up apologizing to me. It’s not their fault the person in front of them is a jackass. There are too many rude, idiots in the world.


This is literally my face. “How can I help you, mother fucker?

You may not know this, but I have no interest in Aunt Hilda’s hemorrhoid surgery, neither do I care if little Johnny is an obnoxious jerk who tantrums. Maybe if you’d get off your fucking phone….just sayin’.


Adults need to stop bashing Greta Thunberg. Anyone who does that is a dick. It’s nice to see young people sticking up for our planet.

Keep up the good work, Greta. You are wise beyond your years. Many of us appreciate what you are doing.


22 thoughts on “Things That Irk Me

    1. Greta has Asberger’s Syndrome and is being exploited by her parents, the main stream media and the anthropomorphic global climate change crowd. I find it disgusting and abhorrent.

      Good god, she’s been told she’s going to die in ten years, and she believes it. How cruel is that?

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      1. Influenced or not, at least somebody gives a crap about our world and our environment, because I don’t see anyone else taking the reins. Our oceans are dying, and our bee population is dying. No water, no bees, no life. 10 years or 100 years, we need to fix this.


      2. Bee populations have been increasing since 2016, and the oceans are not dying because they’re not alive. It’s like saying the deserts are dying. The whole anthropogenic climate change meme is a hoax. Even the author of “The New Green Deal” and the founder of Green Peace admitted it.

        Yeah, the global temperature is warming, and the global temperature is cooling. Humans can’t control it any more than we can control the amount of sunspot activity. If we want to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas, let’s nail the biggest contributor (water vapor) and start paving the oceans.

        We’re still coming out of the last ice age, and it’s a good thing. Let’s make Greenland green again.

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      3. I’m not an expert, but from what I’ve read and seen in a few movies on the subject is that 90% of the excess heat trapped by greenhouse gases (via carbon monoxide) has been stored in the oceans. It’s killing the coral reefs. I know that the banning of pesticides in Canada helped the bees a lot. We can all do better for the environment, especially by not using plastic.

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      4. Interesting perspective. I do believe she knows what she’s doing and is being proactive. Just because one has Asperger’s Syndrome does not make them malleable or easily manipulated. I think she’s quite bright and knows what she’s doing. Good for her, I say! But thanks for your perspective and input.

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  1. Most people aren’t bashing her. They think she’s being exploited. And used. And they think that is too bad. She does have mental illness problems apparently that she made public, though I am not sure why she made that public. It would have been obviously irrelevant and I don’t think people should really make reference to it–again, not sure why it was public, though. since that stuff is usually confidential with your doctor.

    I live off the grid and am a conservationist and I don’t like to see this issue hijacked, exaggerated so that people don’t take the next logical steps to protect the planet–steps that could help without devastating the economy–and just keep doing that–take the next step, but they politicized it so much nobody will listen. They don’t believe the planet is going to disappear in 12 years because the last predictions didn’t happen and they don’t plan to stop eating hamburgers. I’m a Libertarian so both parties bother me on this issue big time. Because we need to protect the planet for our children. I have done a lot of research on grazing animals and the planet as opposed to GM modified crops everywhere and pesticides. Grazing more animals and getting rid of Monsanto is something that should be studied closer.

    However, we do need SOME coal in order to make steel at least right now so we can be militarily independent. We don’t want to depend on other countries for it for now. THings like that are never made public. They may be able to move away from it, hopefully, but it would be a problem for the steel industry still presently. (Not sure if you are from America).

    We should be talking about the remedies that are really effective and start there–get the emotion out of it.

    So the liberals are way too emotional and the conservatives don’t embrace it enough…hate that.

    I feel for you on your grocery line! As a customer, I hate it when the cashiers act like they are going as slow as possible and they couldn’t care less how long the line is. I guess sometimes the phone rings as you are in line. I think you are right it’s probably rude to keep talking as you go through. I tell people I’m about to check out and will call them back because I know I’m going to need my hands. But I never really thought about the rudeness aspect of it–phones are rude in so many circumstances, everybody needs to be aware of it. I’m sure they don’t intend to be, but I like seeing people bring attention to it so that people can be more sensitive.

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  2. You got my vote with the road rage or in my case very recently it was parking lot rage. My wife is disabled and I was waiting for a car to pull out so I could go into that space. I even had my turn signal on so it was quite clear my intentions. No, some idiot suddenly cuts in front of me and goes into that spot. After I found a place to park the couple who didn’t have a proper disabled badge on their dashboard came returned to their car and when that was pointed out to them, the woman snarled, “We’re disabled.” Didn’t look like it to me. We also took the opportunity to tell them we had been waiting for the space before they sped into it. The man’s lame excuse was he thought we were waiting to use the ATM. Boy I wanted to key his car.

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  3. Yeah, some people give way too many details about things that don’t matter. It’s like, “Look. I’m a stranger. I don’t know these people you speak of. I don’t even know you really. Leave all the BS out and get to the point, please. Maybe at a future date, we’ll know each other better and I can follow along but not today.” Haha. Great post!

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