Have you ever had those days when you’re holding a stick, and everyone looks like a piñata?

Advantageous Bitch

A lady took an item off the shelf with an expired tag. When she realized the item would be free due to our scanning policy, she left and walked down the isle to get the other flavours. She wanted those free too. The cashier told her that isn’t the way it works.

I mean, it’s taking advantage of the store. Just because something is legal it doesnt mean it’s right, or that you should be a douche bag.

When a cashier explains that it’s not company policy, (for the customer to screw us up the ass), it doesn’t give anyone the right to call us names like stupid or dumb, and then state we aren’t trained properly. This chick started hoopin’ and hollerin’ like a truck driver on crack. She asked for the manager. He ended up giving her what she wanted just to get her out of the store. Personally, I hope she chokes on it.

The Ungrateful Wench

A customer walked up to the cash to pay for her groceries but only had two dollars on her gift card. She said twenty dollars should be on the card. She yelled, got irate and rude, called the cashiers stupid, and when she did dig up some cash out of her pockets her total remained twenty cents short.

“That’s not a big deal right?” she snapped. “I can come back tomorrow with the twenty cents.”

The cashier responded, “well it wouldn’t have been a big deal had you not been so rude. I actually would have paid for your whole grocery bill, because it’s Thanksgiving.”

The girl sneered, “oh sorry, well my boyfriend got me to talk like this.”

The cashier replied,” well, perhaps you should re-learn how to talk to people.”

The Moaner

A man walked into the store moaning ooo, ahhh,” all the way to the bathroom. He entered the facilities, grunting loudly for everyone to hear, “OOooo, Aaah, Ughhhh”…pushing and moaning. Then he leaves the latrine staring at the floor, and walks out the door. How delightful.

Remember, always be polite to your cashier, or you just might end up in this blog.


26 thoughts on “Customers

  1. She should have been happy something was free. That’s rare nowadays, and I hope the other girl had to leave an item after being rude and being 20 cents short.

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  2. 20 cents Would have been the deal breaker for me. Luckily, we refuse to so expired items.
    I would have been happy to wait for the lady to dumpster dive and then called the police on her for trespassing 🙂 I hate people.

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  3. Hmmm I’m quite passionate about Customer Service since I conduct such training workshops for service-givers of multinationals …… And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post that presents the other side 🥰🥰🥰….. I also believe customers would benefit greatly with such training ….. After all, it’s all about giving DIGNITY AND RESPECT at the end of the day. 🥰💕🥰💕🥰💕That’s the happy two-way road. IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! ❤️🧡💙💛💜💚💜💛💙🧡❤️

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      1. That’s exactly why I wish we could also help these customers with difficult behaviors through training LOL! They should attend the programs too! Some are like BIG BULLIES with obvious life issues!

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  4. I love your stories! They are very and I mean very relatable! In our neck of the woods, we shop at Kroger and Aldi! We give them bottles of water and they are very grateful. I have been in customer service before and understand how unrewarding it can be. With that said, it can also be very rewarding. Thank you for following BrewNSpew. 😉

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