Bag Hags

Hello fellow blogzillians. 😀

A lady came in the store one day and I asked her if she needed bags.

“No, I have my own bags,” she responded.

She handed me a bag and I wanted to hurl my last three suppers. It teemed with dirt, old bacterial meat stains and God knows what other type of plague crawling around inside her bag of horrors.

I just kind of dropped her items inside thinking…ew, ew, ew, ew.

Like seriously, have some self respect. Wash your shit. Then folks wonder how they get food poisoning. Perhaps it could be because you’re a disgusting pig. Reusable bags do not mean you can skip laundry day.

I wear gloves, but sometimes I feel like I need to wear an entire hazmat suit.

Then yesterday, a man came into the store and placed a few items on the checkout for me to bag. He brought out a cloth bag and It covered in so much dog hair, it almost looked like cousin IT. You could literally wire brush it and call it Fluffy.

“Um, I am severly allergic to dogs,” I explained. “So unless you want to drive me to the emergency room and put me on a life saving breathing machine, I can’t bag your things.” I wouldn’t touch that thing with a ten foot pole.

All that hair probably got all inside his food. It was just really gross. No, just……no. Yuck.

If you’re a dirty bugger, you don’t need to announce it to the world.


8 thoughts on “Bag Hags

  1. I loved this one. You know I did the whole “save a tree” thing once and bought a reusable bag and when I got home and emptied it…there was “stuff there. And I thought…so what if the meat leaks or juice leaks from berries or milk leaks … So I thought…not for me. I’ll take a nice clean bag…although our store will be charging .05 per bag in 2020. I kid you not. I’ll have to stop taking my drugs😂

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  2. Plastic bags are going to be banned here in Ontario within the next two years. We charge 6 cents a bag. There is even talk of plastic bottles disappearing and glass ones making a come-back. It’s funny you know, I see everyone recycling their garbage in the neighbourhood, but almost everyone who shops at my store still asks for plastic. It’s good that folks bring in their own bags, but they are filthy a lot of the time and what they don’t realize its that it contaminates their food. There is such a thing as a washing machine now though, nobody has to go to the edge of the lake with a scrub-board. lol

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  3. Ew. How gross I guess I’m lucky that I live where I live. There is no upcharge for plastic bags at this moment, knock on wood, and I’m taking full advantage. Sorry, not trying to ruin the environment or anything. We do reuse those bags…for trash and for picking up dog poop. Sooo…sorry, not sorry, y’all! Mona

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