Living The Dream

Hello fellow blogzonians. Did you miss me?

Well, I haven’t been around much, that’s because I got locked out of my blog. Yeah, for two whole months.

Big frickin’ whoopie doodles, right? Well, a lot has happened since Christmas. You missed out on so many of my brain warping whisperings.

My life is fantastic right now, but I’m still plagued by assholic, privileged shitheads…what some might refer to as customers, meandering into my workspace, making my day as miserable as they can possibly muster. Alas, at least I don’t live with them. Then I’d really want to shoot myself in the head.

I don’t understand how somebody can stand there, screaming in my face like a tantruming toddler and expect a positive outcome. It makes me want to help them even less.

One day I worked a long shift and at the end of the day I felt like I’d been hit by a baseball bat, a train and a semi carrying a large cargo of razor blades.  I felt incredibly tired.

A lady walked up to the cash with a face so low she could clean the floors with her chin. I asked her if she wanted a bag, and she snapped, “NO!”

Okay, that’s fine. I guess she’s not using any magic words today.

I rang through the rest of her items and then asked her, “would you like a bag?”

Her eyeballs popped out of her sockets and her face turned as red as an inferno. “You already asked me if I wanted a bag!” she screamed loudly.

“Okay sorry I forgot, I’m tired!” Jesus…I thought she was going to grab her French bread and beat me with it.

The world is filled with crabby ass people who have no manners.


24 thoughts on “Living The Dream

    1. I missed you and my other blog buddies as well. I was locked out of my blog tighter than a convicts arse picking up a bar of soap in prison. Yeah, I hope they do get what they give, then they might think about how they treat other people. They need a few good life lessons. Thanks for stopping by. 😀

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  1. That woman sounded like she needed a vent for her feelings. Which unfortunately was you. So many people do that. Like a dog that is in pain, they lash out at anyone that comes close. It’s not personal but still hurts because it’s not at all deserved. I’m glad you are back on your blog and doing well, GW.

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      1. Yes, definitely rude. I think that woman is probably starving for a little human kindness but inadvertently doing everything in her power to make sure she doesn’t get it. Not an effective strategy, for sure.

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  2. Glad to see you’re back! I think they should bring back one of the original reality shows; Candid Camera. In this version, camera on customers. Then people would see themselves on TV and realize how rude they were! Hang in there, R

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  3. Thanks for following. Well yes, a lot of people are angry inside. It’s not you, it’s them. After taking all that, at the end of the day, take a shower and give yourself a treat for tolerance.

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  4. I think that the grocery stores get the worst type of little tyrants as customers. My daughter is a dairy manager at a large store and she has held numerous positions at the store before that. She likes working dairy because the customer interaction is a whole lot less. It seems like people have a bad day at work and before they get home to kick the dog, they go to the grocery store to yell at whoever is available. I can’t imagine holding my temper when they get like that.

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