Coronavirus and Other Nasties

I’m at work. A lady strolls up to the cash with her son and he has pink eye.

The child is wiping his crusted eye, then he puts the pink eye medication up on the conveyer belt. Then his mother hands the precious disease bundle her Airmiles card, and he hands it to the cashier.

UGH…pathogens. The whole front end had to be disinfected.

OMG, did it not clue into her thick head that this virus is contagious? Of course, it probably did, but you know what? She didn’t care. Pink eye is airborne, never mind the shit load of virus on his fingers. It’s not the kid’s fault though, she’s the twat.

It pisses me off to no end. People are as sharp as a bag of wet mice.

Folks, that’s the problem. Nobody cares, or they are just ignorant. People are dirty, filthy pigs who have absolutely no hygiene and they couldn’t care less if they infect the entire human race. Once they catch something, they aren’t bothered one iota if they give it to you or kill anyone else around them. I’ve heard folks admit it.

They laugh and say, “I like to share things. If I get it, everyone should have it.”

Yeah, that’s funny if you’re an asshole.

Now it’s flu season and I want to constantly wash my hands and spray Lysol into anyone’s face who even slightly coughs near me. Better yet, let me wear a hazmat suit at work.

I started wearing disposable gloves because of all the dick-wads who lick their fingers and then hand me money.

Pandemics are spread like the Coronavirus, because once people get it, they just blow germs over everything. God forbid they must stay home and miss out on a butter sale.

At the end of the day you better hope and pray you have a good immune system, because people who knowingly have the plague will have no guilt about shaking your hand or sneezing into your grapes.

If you do get sick via some ignoramus idiot, The Grocery Whisperer has your back. Check out my other blog about how to kill a virus. Keep all these ingredients handy.

Be smart out there, and be well.


20 thoughts on “Coronavirus and Other Nasties

  1. I was working in an office in Texas, and my coworker would lick her fingers as she counted the photocopies we had made. I gave her the yuck face and she said, “What, it’s easier to turn pages that way.” : P

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  2. You’re so right. As I was reading this, my mind kept wandering to visuals from zombie movies of people hiding the fact they’d been bitten in one encounter or another just so they weren’t abandoned. That usually ends well…one would hope reality was a little better than B-movies!

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  3. Crap. As a small business owner that does not have to interact much with the public AND in a non-essential business, I’ve been shocked at clients coming to our offices sick. I understand that someone might have to go to the market, but they can wear a mask and be decent about it. When did rules of decency stop being popular? People have information on losing time/money at work yet they don’t think about a two-person business and what happens when we get sick? I am a non-conformist in many ways, but I don’t want to get sick because some asshole gave it to me and I don’t want to give whatever to clients. RUDE and DANGEROUS. In our business, for the next months until the CDC gets a handle on incubation and a bit more information, we have stopped meetings and deliveries. 99% of our clients are fine with that.

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  4. I was listening to an infectious disease expert on the radio today and she said that people are freaked out about this corona virus basically because literally the best thing they can do to protect themselves is wash their hands and avoid touching their “T zone”(eyes, nose, mouth) and, of course, that’s not a magical enough solution. People are gross.

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    1. I wash my hands, use Clorox wipes and change my gloves often. But you are right, it’s not a magical solution when they sneeze right in your face and it’s airborne. I don’t even want to know what they do to the food.

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  5. Great article! Awareness is the necessity of today’s situation. People have so many theories in mind and it all leads them to fear.

    I have done some research and added popular rumors and theories in my article that will allow readers to know the facts of the matter and it will also help people to learn how they can protect themselves.

    I have taken information from trusted and direct resources like WHO and CDC

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