Coronavirus Words

I’m laying here in bed – alone. Nobody wants to come near me.

I’ve been on the front lines, working eight hours a day or more all week, ringing in hoards of toilet paper, hand sanitizers and everything else people can get their dirty little hands on.

I’m exhausted.

The CDC said that everyone should avoid anywhere that has over 250 people or more. Well, one thousand or more people go through my line every day.

My place of employment informed us they don’t want us handling customer’s shopping bags, but they are is still making me handle money and Airmiles so really, what’s the point? The Corona Virus is going to travel on the money.

I’ve been wearing gloves and I’ve used sanitizer. I’m not touching my face. I have tried to be diligent. Does anyone care that I am exposed? No, as long as the grocery store doesn’t close, and there is still somebody available to ring in their chips and other processed shit so that they can bunker down, germ free.

I don’t even want to go to work, but dammit, I need the money.

Only one person out of thousands asked me if I have enough food. ONE.

Isn’t that grand?

I find humanity cold and disgusting.



36 thoughts on “Coronavirus Words

  1. Some are unfeeling, but remember, there are good folks out there that are capable of amazing self sacrifice. We may be a species with lots of drawbacks, but we are the only species capable of incredible good that surpasses just caring for our young. People jump in rivers and drown saving people all the time and more. Keep your spirits up. I would imagine you are seeing much of the worst of humanity in your position right now.

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  2. As if people weren’t disgusting enough at the grocery store during normal times, now you have to put up with THIS. My son’s girlfriend works in a grocery store too. She says it is UTTER MADNESS. You have my sympathies, GW. 💕

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  3. Our supermarkets now have signs and blast loudspeaker announcements every ten minutes, along the lines of: any customer who abuses staff, yells, or physically confronts or threatens, will be removed from the store without their groceries.
    Customers beating up other customers, beating up staff, thinking they can get away with it? Two people (should be a few more) have been arrested, charged and jailed.
    What would they do if the supermarkets closed?

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  4. Not to mention that every person touches every product in the store! Right now I am OUT of groceries and cleaners and NEED to go to the store, but I am waiting until 11pm so there are as few people as possible at my local store. Folks, when you get home from the grocery store, throw away cereal boxes and keep only the sealed bag inside, pull cookies out of packaging and put in zip lock bags, and so on. If you are cleaning the surfaces around your house like you are supposed to be. You might also want to remember everything you bring in from the store has been handled by 100’s and hands. Just my two cents~

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  5. We wash are $ in alcohol (USA/Virginia store).
    Proud of the ridiculous bootie we are hoarding from the hoarders, lol!
    Record breaking sales for Corporate. Yay, to them.
    The world is crumbling and I guess God meant me to leave my government job working with missiles to kill people to work with grocery shoppers to kill me?

    I should have never left my government job but I had to in order to stay at home with my daughter.


    I am praying that if I show that I am a good soldier that somehow my dreams of being anymore suitable job for myself will come one day. I’m doing the best I can at this one.

    One of life’s biggest lessons I have learned is Never Burn Bridges.

    Thank you Sootie for what you do up there in Canada.



    1. It’s hard for us, because we are in the front line. Even more concerning is that almost my entire family is in the grocery business. All of us are at risk. Hang in there, Shel, and take care.



    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ♡ VIRUS n. vaccine; strengthens autoimmune system
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    …the numbers don’t add up with CORONA EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Thousands 0.1%, Millions 1% Billions 10% of Gaias Population of Humans is a “Pandemic” not the Hundreds 0.01% BEING REPORTED BY PANICKED PEOPLE!!! especially ‘MEDICAL EXPERTS’ and HYSTERICAL, SENSATIONALIST MEDIA!!! ALL MENTALLY DISTURBED!!!…

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    So; please ALL, YOUR!!! Non-Panicky THOUGHTS!!! EveryOne On:

    ♤ Lepers – Millennia Ago
    ♤ Bubonic/Pox – Centuries Ago
    ♤ Colds/Pneumonia – Last Century
    ♤ Cancer – Last Century
    ♤ HIV/AIDS – Last Century
    ♤ Ebola – Last Century
    ♤ Corona/Colds/Pneumonia – This Century

    …it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I TRUST!!! My AutoImmune System so I DON’T PANIC!!! so; what about YOU!!! 🤭🤫 🤔 ?…


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  7. Hang in there. Your job is essential and what you are doing is actually heroic. I am isolated with possible covid 19 and my supermarket still delivered food, knocked and left it outside my door. It meant a great deal to me that these people, who are ordinary just like me, are doing something so brave and good. I am tremendously thankful for what you and your fellow grocery store people do. xx

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  8. “The CDC said that everyone should avoid anywhere that has over 250 people or more. Well, one thousand or more people go through my line every day.” Yes, I am an assistant manager at a statewide grocery store, and my company has not limited the amount of customers in the store, so I have been around over a thousand people everyday. Their money is much more important than my health.

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    1. That really sucks. Sorry. I ended up making my own masks and then the store put up plexiglass and got us gloves. Take Quercetin and Zinc they are anti virals that stop the virus at the entry point in your cells. I’m a supervisor at a grocery store but I’m also a lab tech. 😀

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