I’m Not Deserving?

I’ve heard some folks say, “well, golly gee willikers, why should a person working in a grocery store get the same wage as somebody who has gone to college? They don’t deserve it. They didn’t have to sacrifice any time to better themselves, or pay any money to further their education.”


Well, let me fill you in on a little secret. I’ve graduated from college, many times. Don’t be a judgemental shit-head and assume I’m not educated. It bugs the hell out of me.

I don’ t have a fat head or anything, but truth be told, I have diplomas in many different fields. I did my time and I paid my dues over the years. I’ve accomplished many amazing things. I deserve a good wage just like everyone else. Anyone who begrudges me that, well that’s too fucking bad.

Why don’t I use my diplomas? Why am I working in a grocery store?

Because I like it!

Mostly, I like the people I work with.

It’s so hard to find a job where your co-workers are nice, thoughtful, and don’t try to throw you under the bus. I’ve worked with some of the biggest thick-headed, venomous bitches and jerks known to mankind in my trained profession, and trust me, after you experience that you don’t want to subject yourself to that kind of negative environment ever again. I don’t know why folks have to be such low vibrational mud-suckers, but they are.

No amount of money is worth that bullshit. Peace of mind is gold. I’m an educated grocery whisperer, and I’m okay with that.

Those people who think only of themselves, are hopelessly uneducated. They are not educated no matter how instructed they may be.

Here’s a wee poem I wrote. I hope you like it.

You stand in line, food on the belt,
You never knew just how I felt,
When you judged me from afar,
Ram that carrot up your star.

What can I say, I’m a talented poet. Hahaha

19 thoughts on “I’m Not Deserving?

  1. If money was truly awarded on knowledge, skill and merit, how many of the 1% would be working for minimum wage? Everybody’s job is important. Look at what happens when the sanitation workers go on strike!

    People with low self esteem always gotta find a reason to rank others based on what they earn or what they do or what school they went (or didn’t go) to. I’ve met so many of those people over the course of my career, and I’m sure I’ll keep meeting them into retirement.

    At the end of it all, you gotta be happy with yourself and what you do, as you are, GW. That is priceless, because no one can ever take it away from you. Laugh at those other fools. Or give them your pity, if you are so inclined. I do.


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  2. This is hilarious! I completely understand what it’s like to work for the public. For several years, I worked at a local Dairy Queen (ice cream place)… and for several months, at a big outside shopping plaza. So many are quick to judge, and they allow their ignorance to shine through.

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  3. I think many people equate Educated with Smart, Nice, Kind, Sexy, and many other things. Some of them realise only late in life that Educated is only equal to Educated. Nothing less and nothing more. And it is no reflection on the human it is assigned as an adjective to.

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