Christmas Reflections

I love Christmas because I love to spend time with my family and friends, the people I care about. Anybody who knows me well realizes that I am not a materialistic person. I guess it’s good in many respects because I don’t expect expensive gifts, fancy presents or money. There is nothing I love more than to cook a delicious meal, share stories and laugh my ass off during the holidays. I’m a postiive and happy person.

Easy right?

Well, I really wish more folks could encompass the same ideals as I do, because truthfully I’ve never experienced so many miserable, mean, nasty, impatient and sour people in my entire life as I have this past week at work. It’s really annoying.

I mean, seriously. If you don’t like Christmas, don’t celebrate it. Honestly, if you’re going to max out your credit card and stress about it, stop taking it out on me. Smiling won’t make your face explode.

Wake up. You don’t need the latest this or that. Thingamabobs won’t make you any happier. Getting into debt will just make your life hard.

The most valuable thing a person can give me is their time. Well, the way a person treats me is equally as valuable…but for me time is a biggie.

Because lets face it, you’re not going to be on the planet that long – time is short- and you can’t take any of that materializtic glitzy shit you obsess over into the afterlife. All you can take with you is love and memories.

Truth be told, most of your shit will end up in the trash, on Ebay or at your local Goodwill, anyway. It’s inevitable. You gain nothing and you own nothing. Everything you have is borrowed for a little while and then scatters into oblivion once you die.

So the moral of this story is to stop being a miserable shit-head and appreciate those around you. Don’t take things for granted and apppreciate what you already have. You have more than you realize. Cherish it.


26 thoughts on “Christmas Reflections

  1. You make me smile. Because of you, I take time to match my Cashier’s greeting oh I’ve also began to sniff my bags before putting them away…another thing added to my OCD awareness. Even so, Merry Christmas.

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  2. Saw road rage in the grocery store parking lot last week. Someone at the head of the line of cars was politely waiting for a spot. The third guy in line got Out of his Car and yelled at them. Yikes! Merry Christmas!

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    1. Actually, I have an amazing life and I am truly blessed beyond measure. I also love my job and the people I work with….but customers? Sometimes we get some real doozies. I know they are unhappy with their life and like to take it out on us, but I do stick up for myself. I don’t let anyone disrespect me. I come on here to basically blow off steam, hopefully in a humorous way. Thanks for visiting my blog, but please don’t take it too seriously. I’m usually just being sarcastic within my annoyance of assholes. ❤


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