Hello, folks. We are living in scary times.

You have to wash your clothing, I mean everything, every single time you leave your house and then go back home. Then touch – nothing – and go upstairs and shower with hot water and soap.

The Coronavirus sticks to hair and clothing so if you aren’t doing this you are bringing the virus into your house.

Spray anything else you brought out with you with 70% alcohol. Your watch, keys, wallet, shoes, coat, hat, and mitts. Everything has to be disinfected or washed.

Door knobs, handles, walls, light switches, anything you may have touched needs to be sprayed with alcohol.

Any groceries you buy have to be wiped down with alcohol.

Keep your hands away from your face.

Stop the virus at its entry point. Take 1000 mg of Quercetin and 50 mg of Zinc. They are anti-virals that are safe and inexpensive.

Every cell has a lock, every virus has a key. Quercetin and Zinc puts glue in the lock.

From your friendly neighbourhood lab tech and grocer.

Take care.


15 thoughts on “HOW TO SURVIVE COVID-19

  1. Good points. We are in Michigan (the next hot spot), but up north where it’s less pervasive. Our little grocery store is doing curbside service, so you email them and they shop for you and bring it out. Same with our pharmacy. But still, we are spraying down Amazon packages, throwing away anything brought in here. WAshing hands constantly. But the clothes are a good point. All my folks are high risk here. I am pretty organized so we only need to shop every few weeks, but will have my husband hose down and wash clothes after trips out. Unfortunately, we have to go to the post office here, no delivery right in town.

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